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Your Source for Simpler Certification Tracking

Stay compliant and protect your bottom line with Trace DataBase Inc. We are a database design firm that helps your business stay compliant with government regulations. Taking responsibility to monitor licences or any form of certifications, shows officials and consumers, that you have the credentials to provide your services in a responsible manner. Our compliance tracking software ensures you are able to prove your organizations competence whenever the need arises.

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Track Now and Avoid the Consequences

Certification compliance tracking continues to be an increasingly important component in regulatory requirements. There are a variety of consequences that may happen if your company does not adequately track assets or employee certifications including:

  • Personal Liability in the Event of an Accident
  • Disruption of Service
  • Decreased Revenue and Reputation
  • Fines
  • High Insurance Premiums or Cancellation
  • Citations as a Result of Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM)

The Dependable Team

Count on us to help you decrease your risk category and maintain your preferred insurance status. Our database design solutions may be completely customized to address your organizations specific needs. We provide personalized support to ensure timely compliance with all applicable licensing and regulations. Our support team makes asset and employee tracking a worry-free experience.

Documentation Made Simpler

If you can name it, our database software can track it. From licences and passports to vehicle warranties, we keep all your documentation in an easily accessible format. As a result, recordkeeping is a quick, hassle-free process. On top of that, your database may be customized to add more features, including remote access to company files. We'll set everything up for you, and teach you how to use the database effectively.

Online and On-Time

Avoid heavy fines and show the government regulator that your business is following the law. Since our database is Internet-based, your files are readily accessible from virtually any location. When you go digital, you no longer need to worry about digging through filing cabinets or getting lost in spreadsheets.

Serving Diverse Industries

Whatever industry you are a part of, your business has regulations to follow. Our database software is easily configurable to adapt to your business and industry standards. This certification compliance tracking software is compatible with a variety of industries, including but not limited to the following sectors; Manufacturing, Petroleum & Propane, Law, Insurance, Trucking and Real Estate.

Trace DataBase Inc. offers asset tracking and compliance solutions to avoid any unwanted fines.
Contact (519) 848-5800 for info on our compliance management system and time tracker.

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