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Trace DataBase Inc.

Trace DataBase Inc. of Arthur, Ontario, began as an affiliate of Beatty Petroleum Consulting Inc. and developed into a fully-fledged employee and asset tracking firm. In a sociopolitical environment that makes great investments in accountability and regulations, employee and asset tracking certification services are vital in a variety of industries. When you work with us, your records are easily accessible for compliance officers to see. Our system makes it easier for you to stay up-to-date with your employee's training and certification. We monitor the database, then inform various levels of management in your company of upcoming deadlines. Typically, this will be 60 day, 30 day, 14 day and 2 day notifications until we receive the new information, as a pdf or jpeg of the document. When we receive the new information, we update the database and reset the next notification period. As an added benefit, you will have the peace of mind that this vitally important, but often ignored segment of your business, is being monitored by the latest and best technology available. 

Alex Beatty, President & CEO

With more than 30+ years of managerial experience in multiple industries and roles, Alex has a diversified background in tracking the required regulations and certifications needed to ensure the continued operation of your business or facility. Having firsthand experience in understanding and meeting strict regulatory requirements, Alex has been instrumental in creating the Trace DataBase to track your time-sensitive operational data, allowing you to stay organized and compliant. Alex and his team are dedicated to solving your employee and asset tracking problems, which saves you time and money.

While working with government regulators, Alex has assisted in developing and implementing regulatory guidelines and protocols. While consulting for various industry sectors, to approach regulators on codes, practices and improvements; he has maintained a positive network of engineers, owners, regulators and frontline personnel as a robust resource.

President and CEO Alex Beatty


Nick Brouwer Jr. 
Chalmers Fuels

We have been using the Trace DataBase and working with Alex and his team for over a year now. Trace DataBase has
been an excellent tool to help ensure that our licences and certifications are kept up to date. We also use Trace DataBase to
track regular maintenance and inspections on our card-lock, bulk plants and delivery vehicles. Alex's team made setting
up the database easy and are always diligent contacting us and helping to ensure that nothing gets missed or any licences
expire. It gives us peace of mind knowing that all of our licences are kept in digital form and are available to view quickly
and easily should we be visited by TSSA, Transport Canada or any other government regulator.

Trace DataBase Inc. offers asset tracking and compliance solutions to avoid any unwanted fines.
Contact (519) 848-5800 for info on our compliance managements system and time tracker.
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