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Never miss the renewal of time-sensitive documents or training again. Trace DataBase Inc. provides a comprehensive database platform that seamlessly tracks your employees licences, certification, periodic fleet inspections and other vital documents. Your database may be customized to reflect the specific standards and demands of your industry, while keeping everything readily accessible online. The cost for our service is determined entirely by your company's needs, allowing for affordable rates that work within your budget.

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Stay up-to-date with employees certifications and or asset tracking requirements.
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About Us

Trace DataBase Inc. of Arthur, Ontario, makes it easy to keep your organization compliant with the law. We are an asset and employee tracking firm that provides an accurate and standardized database which allows you to easily access, record, and update a variety of licences and certifications. Our database adapts to your organization's specific needs, and allows you to better plan for renewals, recertification, periodic testing, training, and other administrative tasks. By assisting with your organizational efforts, we save your business time and money, while also shielding you from regulatory violations.

Implement a database that adapts to your business. With more than 30+ years of experience in this industry and our specialized approach to recordkeeping, our services are able to prioritize accuracy while also maintaining versatility. The database may fulfill a variety of roles, including budget forecasting and the preparation for additional training and certification. Contact us to request a consultation. We are members of the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB).

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We also provide consulting and training through our affiliate company.
Beatty Petroleum Consulting Inc.


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Trace DataBase Inc. can help with your asset tracking for compliance management. Let us manage your compliances while you manage your business. Contact us at (519) 848-5800 for more information today!

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